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Here is a list of some frequently asked questions.

Q: My child wants to play baseball. Who do I contact?
A: Please check the information on our website You can also email the League at [email protected] or contact us via FaceBook @FranklinTownshipBaseballLeague for any specific question.

Q: How much is the total cost to register?
A: Spring Registration has 3 components.
1- Registration Fee (per player): This is per player. We offer discounts if you register early and also discount for siblings.
2 - Work Bond (per family): This is a $110 refundable work bond and you can earn it either by 10 hours of voluntary work or by volunteering on your child's team as a Team Manager/Coach/Team parent.
3- Field Maintenance Fee (per player): A $30 field maintenance fee per player. For the Siblings, this is reduced to $20 for each additional sibling

***  For those who volunteer their time to earn the work bond, your out of pocket cost then is just the registration fee and field maintenance fee.

Q: What age can my child start?
A: Our program has two leagues – Junior and Senior. Cal Ripken League (junior) is available to children ages 4 thru 12, and Babe Ruth League (senior) is for ages 13 thru 18 years. League age is calculated as the age on April 30 of the registration year.

Q: When does the season begins?
A: Spring season starts in early April and ends around middle of June. We also have a fall program (which is more instructional); fall season is 9 weeks long starting in September and ending early November.

Q: When does the registration start?
A: Registration for the spring season begins in October of the previous year. By the beginning of March we have completed evaluations for players (ages 8 and up) and players are assigned to teams. We also offer free winter clinics to all registrants in February/March. These free clinics are held at the local school gyms. Actual games begin in April. The regular spring season ends around mid-June.

Q: Can I register late past February? Is there a late Fee?
A: While we do not charge a late Registration Fee, we do close registration for divisions where we have the required number of players to form the teams. Even if you are able to register and get a spot on a team, you may not get the desired uniform size. To ensure a guaranteed spot on a team and desired uniform, please register by FEB-28.

Q: Is uniform included in the registration cost?
A: Registration cost covers the full uniform. All players in Cap Ripken division (ages 4 thru 12) receive full uniform – cap/shirt/pants/socks. Players in seniors league (ages 13-18) get a cap and a shirt. In the fall program players in all age groups get a cap and shirt only.

Q: Which equipment is provided by the league?
A: Each team gets an equipment bag which may contain 2 helmets and a catchers gear.
Helmets: Most kids have their own personal helmet for hygiene reasons. We have plenty of helmets available. You can pick one for your child, keep it with you throughout the season and return it at the end of the season. Minors and lower division must use a helmet with a face mask.

Bat: Each team in the T-Ball division is provided with two team bats. However, in our experience 90% of the T-Ball kids have their own bats. For the eligible bats, check the link below. All bats from Tee-Ball through Majors division must have USA Bat stamp.

Q: What additional equipment is needed?
A: Player must have a protective cupa fielding glove and cleats. If your child players soccer or football, you can use the same cleats for baseball.

Q: I have completed the registration but have not heard from the team manager yet. Who do I call?
A. Don't worry. Until February end, we are still getting registrations for Spring. Here is a general timeline of events
September/October == Spring Registrations starts
February and March == Free Indoor winter clinics held at the Middle School gym
March [1 - 15] == Teams are formed and announced.
March [16 - 31] == Games schedule announced. Teams communicate practice schedules with parents and may organize one or two outdoor practices depending on the weather.

Q: Where are the games played?
A: Games are played at our complex. Address: 51 DeKalb Street, Somerset, NJ 08873.
Divisions with ages 8 thru 12 may travel to neighboring towns for some of their games. Although majority of the games are held at the complex.
Seniors division (ages 13 thru 18) play home as well as away games in the neighboring towns, including but not limited to Edison, Bridgewater, South Plainfield, Methuchen, Piscataway. and Ridge.

Q: Where are the practices held. How many practices a week?
A: Team practices are held at the local parks in town. FTBL obtains permits for the town baseball fields.
In Tee-Ball and Coach-Pitch divisions, there are generally no practices - just games. Some coaches in Coach-Pitch division may hold a couple of practices before season begins and then towards the end.
In Minors and Majors divisions, there is generally one practice per week.
In BR13-15 and BR16-18 divisions, practices are at the discretion of team coaches, and held at FTBL Seniors field.

Q: How many games are offered? How many games in a week? What are the game times?
A: We target to offer each team 10 games in the spring season. However, we try to schedule 11 - 14 games followed by playoffs. We try our best to reschedule games canceled due to weather conditions. Tee-Ball division does not have playoffs.
Two games a week - one game during the week and one game on a Saturday. Weekday games start at 5:45 PM or 6:00 PM. Saturday game start time can be anytime between 9 AM and 3 PM.

Q: What happens to the canceled games in Spring? Do I get a refund or a credit?
A: We always try our best to utilize weeknights or a Sunday to make up for the canceled games due to weather. If for any reason a team plays less than 8 games (80% of our targeted 10 games), we may issue a prorated credit (not a refund) which you can use towards your Fall registration. The amount of prorated credit will be decided by the Executive Board.

Q: What happens to the canceled games in Fall? Do I get a refund or a credit?
A: We build one rainout/cancelation in Fall. We will try our best to utilize a week night or a Sunday to make up for the cancellation. However, if more than one game/clinic is canceled and we cannot make up for it, we may issue a prorated credit (not a refund) which you can use towards your next year's Spring or Fall registration. The amount of prorated credit will be decided by the Executive Board.

Q: I called the Franklin Recreation Dept. Why hasn’t anyone called me back?
A: Franklin Rec. Dept. does not organize or run FTBL. FTBL is 100% volunteer served non-profit organization that runs the Youth League and Senior League baseball program in town and is entirely funded by donations, sponsorships and earnings made from fund-raising efforts.

Q: I heard there was a waiting list. Will my kid be on the waiting list if they don’t have the best skills?
A: The waiting list is for players who did not sign-up in time. If your child is signed up in time, they will be placed on a team. We want every child who desires to play to have the chance to do so. Those signing up late are placed on the waiting list for few days until we have figured out the appropriate team for them. If there are not enough kids to form another team, unfortunately the later signups may not get to play. Therefore, it is important to register in time. You should register by Feb-28.

Q: I want my child to play only on the travel team and not in the rec season. What do I do?
A: Sorry. In order to tryout and play on the Distt tournament travel team you must be registered to play in the Spring rec season and play a required minimum number of games.

Q: I’d like to join the league. How much is the pay for various positions?
A: FTBL is a 100% volunteer run organization and no one gets paid. Board of directors and coaches are all volunteers and put in voluntary hours to run the league.

Q: I would like to help out but I don’t have the skills or time to coach. How can I help?
A: We need help in many areas, coaching is only one of them. You don’t need to be former baseball player in order to pick up a rake and help on the fields. Nor do you need expertise in baseball to be a coach on the team or a team parent. You can help out in fund raising, field maintenance, complex maintenance, public relations, and many other functions that contribute to a great experience for the kids. Send us an email if you want to get involved.

Q: But I’m a very busy person. What if I don’t feel like helping or don’t have time? Can’t someone else take care of all that stuff?
A: At the very least, all families pay a $110 refundable work bond during registration. One work bond per family. All we ask of the parents is to volunteer on the team or work 10 hours during the season to earn their bond back. There will be many opportunities before, during and after the season to help out and get your 10 hours in. You can bring in family and friends and their hours are counted towards the work bond too. For example: Two individuals can work 5 hours each, or 3 individuals can work 3.5 hours each to make up the 10 hours. We all are busy and many of us still make the time because we believe it benefits the children. We highly recommend you get involved. The more you do with FTBL, the more you see the joy that it brings to the children. If you are unable to volunteer due to your personal or work schedule, you may forfeit your work bond to the league.

Q: I want my child to play on his best friend’s team. Can you arrange it so they are together?
A: For the younger divisions ages 4 thru 7 i.e. for Tee Ball and Coach Pitch, you can request for your child to be on the same team with another player during registration. We will try our best to accommodate. However, in Minors and upper divisions the player is assigned on a team based on the evaluations and the Player Draft.

Q: My child is obviously the best first baseman on his team. Why does the coach keep putting in these other kids who are not as skilled?
A: According to our league policy and rules, every child must play a minimum amount of time in the field. Just because a player is skilled in one area does not mean he should not learn and play other positions as well. Many kids who start off with rudimentary skills become good ball players as they grow older. We encourage all parents to keep negative opinions and comments away from the kids and cheer for all the players.

Q: The team manager is clueless and won’t let my kid pitch. How do I switch to another team?
A: The volunteer coaches are not professionals and they volunteer over 50 hours a season to help out with the games and practices. They are not perfect but a vast majority of them do a tremendous job. When disagreements arise between parents and coaches on the playing time or playing positions, we encourage the parents to discuss their issues and concerns with the Team Manager. If the issue is still not resolved, please reach out to the Division Liaison. The Division Liaison will do his/her best to resolve the matter. Many times it is simply due to lack of communication and desired expectation between the coaches and parents.

Q: I spoke with the Division Liaison but I’m still not satisfied. What do I do now?
A: If you are still unhappy, the league has a designated Player Agent who will meet with you and address your concerns. If needed, the matter will be escalated to the Executive Board of FTBL to resolve the matter.

Q: What is the Player and Parent’s Code of Conduct?
A: FTBL feels very strongly about a proper code of behavior for players, parents, umpires and everyone involved in our program. The Code of Conduct outlines issues such as cheering for all children, refraining from negative and foul language, and of course proper behavior by spectators and players. The State of NJ has passed laws suggesting that spectators exhibiting improper behavior may be removed from the playing premises. The League refuses to tolerate inappropriate behavior and will take action to stop it.

Q: How can I find out the rules for my kid’s level?
A: Game rules are posted in the Managers Handbook. You can also get a copy of the Rules on our website under Resources section.

Q: My team is supposed to play during my son’s drama recital. Why can’t you reschedule the game?
A: FTBL teams play over 250 games in a 10 week season. We have game fields in constant use throughout the week and we also have many rainouts that need rescheduling during the season. We understand families have personal events to attend to including birthdays, weddings, recitals etc. and that is fine. Many kids miss a game or two (even more) during the season due to personal events or due to other reasons. With the number of games build into the schedule, we offer enough play time to make the season worth.

Q: The umpire made a terrible call at the last game, my kid was safe and he was called out. Where do I protest the game?
A: FTBL does NOT allow appeals of an umpire’s judgement calls, whether you think they are good or bad. If an umpire needs clarification of a rule interpretation, then he will ask the DOD, league President or Rules Committee for help. Decisions are final and all players, coaches and fans must learn that calls do not always go the way they desire.

Q: Do the players get trophies at the season end?
A: Division Winners and Runners up are given trophies at the end of playoff season in spring. There are no playoff games or trophies handed in the Tee-Ball division or in the fall season.


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